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Conveniently located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, Fit Body Toddy Fitness (FBTF) is a team of personal trainers that offer a unique, full-service personal training experience. This experience includes a comprehensive nutrition plan, tracked body stats to monitor progress, and in-app messaging to discuss any questions regarding features and the inner workings of your personalized training experience.

Whether your goal is to stay in shape, build strength, better define and shape your figure by cutting weight, or put on more muscle mass, Fit Body Toddy Fitness can lead you on your pathway of good health and overall physical advancement.

With options to fit your budget, you will gain the full scope of knowledge and a rich, full-bodied training experience designed just for you.


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I started a part-time job at the gym’s front counter and soon got stuck in my head… I felt like a hypocrite because while I worked at the gym, I looked as though I had never worked out. After a co-worker provided me with his phone number, I reached out to Todd and instantly felt a calmness. He took over and helped me see what changes needed to be made and did not make me feel like I was less than. He’s always lifted me up regardless of my starting weight. I knew that trusting him would ultimately get me to my goals.
Mandie, 28

I started training with Todd because I knew him and simply wanted to help him out with his business. I had previously worked out in high school and briefly afterwards. However, as a 56-year-old man who sits at a desk for 5 days a week, I had evidently let myself slide into bad shape. It was getting harder for me to do normal physical activities, but I had always just chalked it up to normal aging. After 3 years with Todd, I’m in much better shape, I feel a lot better, and now have the energy to do physical activities whenever I want.
Scott, 58

Since I started training with Todd one year ago, I have lost 26 pounds, over 8% body fat, 6 pants sizes, and I’ve also gained muscle along the way. I feel healthier and more energized than I ever had before! This is all due to the healthy exercise regimen and nutritionally-sound diet habits that Todd was able to engrain in me. I’ve seen the value of having a trainer and it has assisted me in meeting my fitness goals and I highly recommend Todd Brown for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.
Susan, 63

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