Fighting the Urge to Quit

This is the Monday that most people start to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions; I’m here to encourage you to keep pushing! We can always certainly find an excuse not to do something and when you do, remember why you started. If you wrote down your SMART goals like I told you to do in the video blog, this should be much easier to get over. Re-read your goals and really focus on that WHY reason under the Specific category. If you haven’t written down you SMART goals, do it now! This will be a great way to re-motivate you to keep going to achieve your ultimate goal. Always have your end goal in mind, it may seem far but you won’t get any closer by stopping. Don’t use the “I don’t have time” excuse; it’s the oldest one in the book. I hate to break it to you: nobody HAS time, you have to MAKE time! You have to make fitness a priority if you want to achieve your ultimate goal! If you’re struggling and need someone to talk you off the ledge of abandoning your fitness program, contact me and tell me what you’re struggling with, it’s what I’m here for!

Hope you have a great Monday and keep pushing forward!