Hit a Plateau? Four Techniques to Jumpstart Your Gains

Hitting a plateau is something that will happen to everyone in their fitness journey now matter how experienced you may be. For those who are looking to improve their strength, it can be frustrating to max at the same weight for weeks at a time. Here are some techniques that can be applied to just about any exercise to help explode through that plateau:


Negative are done during the eccentric part of an exercise and is perhaps the best technique to improve strength. For example, the eccentric portion of an exercise would be the downward motion of letting the bar come to your chest. Negatives should ONLY be done with a training partner as the weight should be be slightly more than your 1 rep max and you should not be able to finish the movement without assistance.

Lower Reps and Increase Weight

If you have been doing 6-8 reps or higher and have plateaued in strength, drop down to 3 or 4 reps and increase the sets.

Compound Sets

A compound set is the exact same thing as a superset except a compound set is 2 exercises of the same muscle group performed consecutively. An example of this would be performing a Barbell Bench Press followed immediately by a Dumbbell Fly.

Drop Sets

A drop set is performing multiple sets consecutively of the same exercise and dropping the weight by 25%-30% each set.

While some techniques do work better for some but not for others, these 4 can benefit just about anyone and provides a great way to revitalize your workout. Give them a shot and let us know what you think!