Losing Weight and Keeping It Off- Finding Your “Why”

Before getting into any details of exercise plans, meal plans or how many calories you should be eating, the most important thing that needs to be determined is your motivation. Simply put, if you are not motivated and aren’t willing to put effort into your weight loss journey, you will not succeed. People are motivated to start a weight loss program by a variety of factors, but most boil down to looks or general health. A great way to really determine the source of your motivation is to keep asking yourself the simple question of “Why?” For example:

Why do I want to lose weight?
I want to look better.

Why do you want to look better?
I want to look better so I can feel good about myself in a bathing suit.

Why do you want to look good in a bathing suit?
My spouse and I have a vacation coming up and I want them to be impressed with how I look.

Why do you want to impress your spouse with how you look in a bathing suit?
Ever since we had kids, the “spark” we once had as newlyweds is gone and I want to improve our relationship by rekindling that “spark” we once had.

Obviously this is just an example and everyone’s will be different but make sure not to miss the big picture. By digging deeper on your own feelings and motivation, it went from a shallow “I want to look better” to “I want to reignite my relationship with my spouse and improve our relationship.” As you can imagine, the second is a much stronger motivating factor and the stronger the motivation, the more likely you will stick with this program. While it may seem silly to do this with yourself, it is a powerful tool that can help create long lasting motivation.

Now that you have a source of motivation, you will want to have a way to maintain that motivation so that you are less likely to fall off course. There are different ways people maintain motivation but what these ways have in common is that people are readily reminded of this motivation daily. This can be your questions above written on a sticky note on your fridge or on the background of your cellphone or it could even be a dream board with other goals and pictures. The main point is that you should have your motivation in a place or places where you will see them daily and, at that, multiple times a day.

Once you have gone through and determined your “Why” it’s time to start Goal Setting!