Losing Weight and Keeping It Off- Formulating a Plan (Exercise)

In the last blog we addressed forming a nutritional plan and this will address the exercise portion of the plan. Like the nutrition plan, there are two ways to go about formulating a good exercise plan, do it yourself or hire a professional. If you can’t afford assistance, that’s perfectly find! Read this and you should be able to put together at least a decent workout plan.

When it comes to making your workout plan, it is always important to remember what goal you are trying to attain (which you should have already done in the “Finding Your Why” blog). In the case of weight loss, you will want to incorporate both weights and cardio into your routine. One mistake people commonly make when attempting to lose weight is not lifting weights and only doing cardio. Muscle mass plays a major role in keeping your metabolism high and making it easier to drop weight. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends 2-3 days of resistance training for both health and weight loss purposes. They also recommend 5 days a week of physical activity for at least 30 minutes (preferably 60) per day. Now that we know we need at least 5 days of physical activity, here are a couple of sample weeks:

Monday: Full Body Weight Circuit and 15 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: 30 minutes of cardio
Wednesday: Full Body Weight Circuit and 15 minutes of cardio
Thursday: 30 minutes of cardio
Friday:Full Body Weight Circuit and 15 minutes of cardio
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

If you are more advanced you could do the following:

Monday: Upper Body Weights and 20 minutes of cardio
Tuesday Lower Body Weights and 20 minutes of cardio
Wednesday: 45 minutes of cardio
Thursday: Upper Body Weights and 20 minutes of cardio
Friday: Lower Body Weights and 20 minutes of cardio
Saturday: 45 minutes of cardio
Sunday: Rest

As you can see, both sample workout plans have at least 5 days of physical activity and at least 30 minutes of activity per day.

Now if that seems intimidating, that’s totally understandable! As you could probably guess, this is also something that is taken care of for you when you do Online Training with FBTF! In your Online Training program, you receive the following in regards to your workout program:

  • Calendar of workouts
  • Video tutorials of each exercise
  • Ability to track workouts and view previous workout stats
  • Built in Rest timer

Even if you do have the expertise and ability to create your own workout plan, it is always helpful to have a third party provide new workouts, insight and added accountability.

To sum it up so far, here is what we have covered in this blog series:

  • Finding Your Why
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • The Science and Math of Weight Loss
  • Formulating a Plan for Nutrition
  • Formulating a Plan for Exercise

The final part to this 6 part series covers the importance of accountability and consistency, be sure to not miss it because after that, you will be ready to start your weight loss journey!