Losing Weight and Keeping It Off- Find Accountability and Start

Another often overlooked aspect of a successful program is finding proper accountability. You can have a rock solid exercise and nutrition plan but without accountability, even the best formed plans often fail. What does accountability provide that is so important to your success? Consistency. If you are not consistent, you will not see results, plain and simple. The lack of consistency is what causes the frustration of not seeing long term results almost 100% of the time. Now that we have established the importance of having quality accountability, how do you find it?

Unfortunately, good accountability is not easy to come by. One of the most desirable forms of accountability is having a close friend that has similar goals as you that is able to workout with you and help keep you on track. Too often though, motivation drops, life gets in the way and before you know it, both of you are back to square one. The best source of accountability is to work with a certified fitness professional that can provide the needed assistance to keep you on track. If you have the means and ability to work in person with a Personal Trainer, then do it! However, not everyone can afford to work with a trainer in person but still want to work with a trainer somehow. Online Training fills this gap. With Online Training, you still get to work with your preferred personal trainer but at a much more affordable price! At FBTF, we have 2 easy options for Online Training:

Month-to-Month- $60/month, no contract
Prepay 12 weeks- $150, (save $30 over the course of 3 months!)

If you have decided after this series that you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for good, then check out the Online Training page and Contact Us to get started. Nobody likes to have to keep restarting, so now that you have the means and knowledge to do something about it, let’s get started and get you the dream body you have always wanted!