Old Guys Rule! Scott Brown Testimonial

This testimonial is a little extra special for me since this one is from my dad. Read more below to see how he can beat 20-30 year olds at his work competitions!

I have to admit, I started training with Todd because I knew him and wanted to help out with his business. I had previously worked out in High School and some afterwards, and didn’t think a trainer could tell me anything I didn’t already know. But as a 56 yr old man that sits at a desk 5 days a week, I had let myself slide into pretty bad shape. It was getting harder to do things like yard work and other normal activities. I just chalked it up to normal aging. After 3 years with Todd, I’m in much better shape, I feel a lot better, and now have the energy to do physical activities whenever I want. I now see the value of a trainer to hold me accountable. Todd pushes me much harder than I ever push myself. Now, on outings with my younger co-workers, they are amazed at my ability to play sports, hike, etc…. I highly recommend working with Todd to start feeling better and enjoying life more.