The 3 Best Moves for Building Bigger Triceps!


Triceps are often the overlooked muscle of your arms since everyone is mostly enamored with biceps. However, your triceps are actually about 2/3 of what makes up your upper arms (contains triceps and biceps) and are far more important than biceps in increasing the size of your guns. These 3 moves are also 3 of my favorite moves that have paid massive dividends in growing my triceps.

Close-Grip Bench Press

This is probably the king of mass-building exercise for your triceps. Close-grip bench press is a compound movement that mostly targets triceps but does also engage your chest and front deltoids. You will want to place your hands about 6-8 inches apart on the bar and keep your elbows in towards your side as you lower the bar to your chest. When you push the bar back up, make sure you are making your triceps do most of the workout as your chest and shoulders are just along for the ride.



Depending on your strength, dips can be done assisted, with bodyweight or weighted. You will want to utilize a narrower, more parallel grip to maximize the involvement of your triceps. The wider you are on your grip, the more you will engage your chest, which is not bad, just not what you are trying to accomplish in making this a great tricep exercise.

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension


Even though this is not a compound movement, it is still a great mass builder for your triceps. If you use 1 dumbbell with both hands, you can really crank up the weight on this exercise. You will want to keep your shoulder joint steady as the only movement that should be occurring on this exercise is at the elbow joint using your triceps. Be careful not to have your head too far forward which can lead to neck problems. Proper shoulder mobility to make sure your shoulders can go back is key.

While these are not the only 3 tricep exercises out there, they are 3 that have proven to be successful in clients’ and my own fitness programs. More often than not at least 2 of these 3 are incorporated in almost every tricep workout I do but I make sure to that at least 1 of these is in there every tricep workout. Now it’s time to implement these in your workout and grow your triceps!