The No Weights, Sleeve Busting Arm Workout!

If you think the only way to get a good arm workout is to use weights, then you are in for quite the surprise! I was a little skeptical myself when I came up with this workout but it ended up being one of the best arm workouts I think I’ve ever done. While you do not need weights, in order to complete this workout you will need a pair of suspension straps like a TRX Suspension Trainer and a place to do Dips. Most of these suspension trainers do have products that can be used at home so this workout you can do at home, at the gym or on the road! Here’s the workout:

Superset 1:

Superset 2:

Superset 3:

This workout is great because you can easily manipulate the difficulty of the TRX exercises by adjusting your feet positioning to make it easier or harder. If you find that you are doing more than 25-30 reps of the Close-Grip Push-Ups or Dips, feel free to add a weight vest or other sort of resistance to make it more difficult but it is not mandatory. This workout can be done in under 45 minutes, depending on rest periods. I recommend resting about 45 seconds between sets but if you are also trying to get your heart rate elevated, try resting no more than 30 seconds between sets.

When performing all of the TRX exercises, be sure to keep your core tight and imagine that you are keeping your body in a plank position during all movements. If you watch the exercise demonstration videos, you will noticed that my body is rigid like I am in a plank position. Give this workout a shot and let me know what you think!