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Why You Should NEVER Try To Lose Weight

This might seem odd for a personal trainer to say but hear me out. When most people decide they want to lose weight, they look for things that will help them lose weight such as supplements, pills, fad diets, etc. Often times, these “quick fixes” as I call them, do not emphasize changing people’s

Add Muscle Quickly With This Program!

I was introduced to German Volume Training my freshman year in college by a fellow classmate with family members in the fitness industry. At the time, I had not heard of anything like it so I figured I would give it a shot. German Volume Training (GVT) involves super-setting two opposing, compound exercises. For

Arthritis and Injuries: Exercise Is Necessary For Pain Management

For many years, it was believed that people with arthritis or bone and joint pain should not exercise for fear of exacerbating the problem. Many older adults experience arthritis from general wear and tear or repetitive movements. Sometimes, arthritis can develop from past joint injuries that never healed properly. Arthritis can be very painful

5 Workout Myths Debunked!

Work Your Abs to Get a Strong Core As I mentioned in my article “What Is Your Core?” building a strong, stable core is NOT done by working your abdominals like it is your job. Building a strong core involves strengthening your lower back muscles, glutes and all the muscles that help you stay upright.

Why Obesity Is NOT the Problem

It’s no secret; for the past several decades we have been bombarded with many studies indicating that obesity is the biggest health epidemic we deal with in America. We have also been told that obesity greatly increases the risk for degenerative diseases like heart failure, diabetes, and cancer. THIS IS NOT ENTIRELY TRUE! When

HIIT VS. Steady State Cardio- Which is Better?

This is a very popular topic in fitness when it comes to cardiovascular workouts. Most people ask me which form of cardio will yield the best results. Before I jump to my recommendation, I would like to outline the pros and cons of each style. First off, let’s start with Steady State Cardio. This is

If You Don’t Use This Piece of Equipment, You’re Missing Out!

If you have not heard of TRX Suspension Training, you’re in for a treat! I recently have been educating myself more on all the different way to get great workouts on this apparatus. TRX Suspension Training was made by a US Navy Seal and it uses bodyweight exercises to build strength, balance, flexibility and

Fighting the Urge to Quit

This is the Monday that most people start to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions; I’m here to encourage you to keep pushing! We can always certainly find an excuse not to do something and when you do, remember why you started. If you wrote down your SMART goals like I told you

Maximize Your Time at the Gym with This Training Method!

Most people are looking to become more efficient with their workouts at the gym. It’s becoming well-known that spending 2+hours at the gym at one time does not produce great results. I have used this method with most of my clients at one point or another and it is popular with them because it

Three Popular Health Fads That Are Halting Your Fitness Progress

People generally are looking for the next great little tip to help improve their health or lose weight. While most of them seem good, they actually could be halting your fitness progress! But it’s good fat! I don’t know how many times I have heard my dad say this but just because it’s good fat doesn't