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Reach all of your fitness goals with Fit Body Toddy!!  Todd is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and trains all clients at Off The Grid Fitness.  Todd specializes in several areas of fitness including:

Weight Loss                       Muscle Gain                        Post Physical Therapy       

Motivation 2             muscle gain               post physical therapy

  Senior Fitness                          Endurance                           Circuit Training/HIIT

senior fitness               cardio training                   circuit training

          Flexibility                           TRX Suspension Training              Core Strength

      stretching          TRX-Banner                     core strength

Personal Training packages also include nutritional counseling, personalized workout programs, supplementation recommendations, and fitness homework when you’re not working with Fit Body Toddy. You’ll have all the tools and motivation to successfully achieve your fitness goals!

Discover the healthiest you with Fit Body Toddy! See the Testimonials section for inspiring transformations!

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Disclaimer: Todd Brown is not a Registered Dietician. Any advice that you receive is based solely on the knowledge gained from his degree received from Arizona State University, Personal Training Certification through International Sports Science Association, personal research and experiences. Todd Brown is not responsible for any injury or dietary issue you may have when accepting his advice. 

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