Mandie Golman

I have had the privilege of training with Mandie via Online Training the past six months and she has absolutely killed it by losing 24 pounds of fat and gained almost 9 pounds of muscle so far and she is just getting started! She has taken full advantage of the service included in Online Training and the results show it. Check out her testimonial below:

I have always been an active person, and it is regular for me to not be able to relax, because I cannot sit still. I was always active in sports and knew how to work out and keep proper form. Although, despite my never-ending energy and basic understanding of what it meant to be healthy, somethings came against me and caused to me take a real look at my reality and my health. I got a sickness and that resulted in the outcome of a food allergy. After a long battle of not being able to figure out what was making me sick, and not being able to keep down anything but McDonalds French fries, before I knew it I was the biggest I had ever been. After a constant up and down cycle in my weight for the following several years, I again found myself at a weight I never wanted to ever weigh. I felt awful, I was always tired, I would go to the gym; but I rarely gave my all in a workout and my diet was a mess. I hit a slump. I still left myself up to my own devices, I did not make any real change and just kept being hard on myself without putting in the effort to make my situation better.

Then I went back home to visit my family. I knew I did not really like how I looked and I knew I looked a lot bigger than I use to, but it still did not sink in I needed to make a real change. Then I saw a picture of myself that was taken while I was spending time with my family. I instantly was embarrassed and cringed that it was all over my social media. The picture displays a happy memory, but that memory has a bad taste to it; because my physical image made me cringe. I also look back and remember being at that park and all I wanted to do was sit and talk, not run around and play with my niece and nephew that I rarely see; that is because I had no energy to exert. That is the point it hit me, a change truly needed to take place.
I got Todd’s contact information from his cousin, that I work closely with at my full-time job. I also started a part time job at the front counter at the gym. I got inside my own head and felt like a hypocrite that I work at a gym, but I look like I never worked out. I reached out to Todd and instantly I felt a calmness. He took over and helped me see what changes needed to be made and did not make me feel less. He always lifted me up and it did not matter that I was at my highest weight, I knew that trusting him would ultimately get me to my goals. We had conversations about what goals I had, he gave me workout plans, he explained why the workout plans were set up how they were and most of all he checked on me every step of the way. I did not feel like I needed a trainer to be standing over me while I did the workouts to make sure I put the work in or had the right form. So, the perfect solution was online training. Accountability, guidance, reassurance was all provided and that is what I needed most.
I started working out consistently and was in the gym between five and six times a week. That was the easy part. Now that I knew what to do once I got to the gym, I came in and got it done. Sometimes it was embarrassing to do burpees in the middle of the gym, but I had goals and that is all I focused on. Then Todd provided me with a meal plan. I had an idea of what it meant to eat healthy, but how to put it all together and what schedule to be on was my problem. I started meal prepping and having the food that was on the schedule for each day ready to go, there were no excuses for me to eat badly. After consistently doing that for over a month I got bored and needed a change. I took what learned and started applying it and implementing some different options. This will continue to be the biggest struggle, but Todd taught me to track my food and that alone makes it easier.
During this journey and my time training with Todd, things have not always gone according to plan. I had several colds, flus and other health related issues pop up that set me back. I also had to get a medication changed due to a side effect of weight gain that was heavily affecting me, no matter how I ate or how hard I worked. Todd stood by me through it all, he really helped me stay positive and motivated.
I still have a long way to go before I reach the goals I have set for myself. But in the short six months of guidance by Todd I have lost over 20 pounds, but I have also shed over 11% body fat. I feel incredible. I want to do more and see how far my body can go, but in the amount of time I have been truly dedicated I am more than pleased with my results. Todd is always encouraging and makes sure I know how well I am doing, even despite the set-backs. Stay tuned for further results, because now this is my lifestyle.

Margie Sussman

Margie Before and After

I was very overweight and out of shape and wanted to do something about it. I was not having much success meeting my goals on my own so I decided to hire a personal trainer. I have been working with Todd for eight months. He has helped me completely change my lifestyle. I have gone from being inactive to working out 5 days a week. Working with a personal trainer twice a week, I have developed motivation to maintain my new healthy life. Todd has helped me develop an exercise routine that is challenging and I have learned to use equipment and weights that always intimidated me in the past. With his help I have developed healthy eating habits. Since starting to work with Todd, I have lost 64 pounds and I am continuing to lose weight. I have lost over 16% fat and have gained muscle.   I am stronger than I have ever been. I feel great and have so much energy. Todd has a good understanding of fitness and nutrition and he is very encouraging.  I would highly recommend him to help with health and fitness goals.

Susan Brown

Mom before and after

I have always been active but was not seeing the results I would have liked to. I plateaued at the same weight for the past couple of years and decided to hire a personal trainer to help meet my goals. Todd helped me set up an exercise program that allowed me to experience all that a gym had to offer as well as cater to my exercise preferences and busy schedule. I started exercising 6 days a week, meeting with Todd weekly and saw my best results with this program. Since I started training with Todd one year ago, I have lost 26 pounds and over 8% body fat, 6 pant sizes, and gained muscle along the way. I feel healthier and more energized than ever before due to the healthy exercise and diet habits that Todd has ingrained in me. I plan on continuing these healthy habits until the day I die. I saw the value of having a trainer help me meet my fitness goals and highly recommend a personal trainer for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

Linda Madison


I am 74 years old and Todd’s grandma. My cholesterol was high and getting older my balance was not as good as it should be. Todd thought I could improve my health with strength training and a balanced diet.  I started a program, meeting with Todd once a week and saw my best results with his program. Since I started training in 2013, I have lost 14 pounds, no longer on cholesterol medication and my balance has improved. I continue to train with Todd and take his advice on eating healthy. I highly recommend Todd as a personal trainer for anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.